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Fish Tacos

Check out Fish Tacos @ Saffire Restaurant & Bar on @foodspotting

Kentucky Basketball

Thanks goodness they didn’t rank the ‘Cats number 1. Seems that every time they do, they get knocked off. Hiding out at #2 is a good spot. Let the Tar Heels be the target for a while. On 11/11/11 they open at home against Marist. While they do have several coming back from last year, […]

Spaten Bier Run Results

Results from the 12th Germantown Bier Run.

Our New Server

Apple creates the most amazing products. We will be using this Mac Mini server for intranet needs. Ive created a couple of wikis and have uploaded a few test documents. Very simple to use. Well attach a 4 TB Pegasus SAN to hold our data. This should take care of us for many years.

Returning to WordPress

For most of September I played around with Tumblr. I just didn’t like it compared to WordPress. So I”ll now be making all of my blog post here and no longer at

First Post

I have a lot to talk about around the weight loss industry. So it may take a while and many posts! So be patient. If you are in the weight loss industry and make money off overweight folks, sorry.