Viva La Diva Commercial

In the featured video section, I found a commercial for the November 19 race. It’s only a couple of weeks away. And then it’s the Grinder’s Switch Turkey Trot on the “home” course!

The Grey Ghost Run on Saturday

On Saturday I go to the Grey Ghost Run in Spring Hill. I say “I” and not “We” because Terri has a nasty ankle injury. It’s driving us, I mean her, crazy. (She’s a terrible patient, just ask her.)

The day promises to be a very busy day for us. The race at 8am with sign in at 7am. Franklin has a Pumpkin Fest starting at 10am. Cody has his birthday party starting around 6pm. Somewhere in there we’ll be cooking the food and getting everything ready for those coming over.

Back to the run. It sounds like an interesting run. They admit to it being hilly. I’ve run a couple this year that was referred to as flat. Yeah, right. Also, the course is part dirt road as it is on an Antebellum Era farm. I’ll be taking my old shoes just in case today’s rain doesn’t dry in time.

It’s the third year for this event so it may not be too large. Also, Brentwood is hosting the Susan G. Komen race and that one does draw large.

Next Race – November 19th in Franklin for the Viva La Diva race.

New Shoes

I’ve had a few issues with the old knee. I’m thinking it’s from the running on blacktop with shoes that have little padding. Don’t get me wrong, I loved those Nike Free Run shoes. It’s just time to think about other things.

I bought a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 14. After a short run they seem awesome. I had a quicker more comfortable time. I’ll go for a longer run today to see how they do. I’m running the Grey Ghost 5k on Saturday and really don’t want to find out any surprises during the race!

This Week’s Menu

Sun 16

Salmon with Red Pepper Pesto


Mon 17

Flank Steak with mole,  Red Potatoes


Tue 18

Cornish Game Hens


Wed 19

Greek Spaghetti


Thu 20



Fri 21

Braised Pork Shoulder

Best Race Yet

The Halloween in the Gulch race was my best race yet. I had my best time, beating the old time by a few seconds. At the same time, it had the toughest climb of all the races. Just after we turned right on to Charlotte from 11th we had a four block climb from 10th to 6th Avenues. It was a 36 meter climb and it slowed a lot of folks down to a walk. My 2km split really suffered. I switched my watch over to distance on the the final KM and it really showed. Or I got really lazy. I’ll have to work hard on my 4th to 5th km.

Terri had been suffering from strained tendons in her foot. Even though she was hurting really bad she put up a good time. She finished 22 out of 45 with a time of 35:33. She really toughed it out but suffered a lot on Sunday.

The after race party was fun. We did bypass the pizza and go eat at Cantina Laredo. No doubt an upgrade to our dining that afternoon. You should really go to this place someday. Well worth the trip to the Gulch.

We’ll probably participate in this series more next year.

It’s race day!

Today we are participating in the “I Run 4 the Party” 5K in the Gulch, in Nashville. It’s an afternoon race which is odd. But the reward should be good as there will be a big Halloween block party at the finish line. I do like races with a theme and this is supposed to one of the more popular series in Nashville.

Calorie Overload

Have you heard about Zaxby’s Celebration Special? I heard this on the radio while driving back after running. This meal is huge. Chicken, fries, toast, sauce, and a giant drink. All for only 1061 calories. This is some crazy stuff. I guess if two people shared this fried meal it would be ok but still. Make better choices.

Terri on the Run

Terri making the next-to-last turn. She is probably realizing it’s an uphill climb to the finish line!Terri in the Germantown 5K

Spaten Bier Run Results

Results from the 12th Germantown Bier Run.

2012 Bier Run Results

2012 Bier Run Results

Race #3

Today we are running in Germantown’s Spaten Bier 5k Run. It is part of their Oktoberfest Celebration. Someone from there said they expect 35,000 at Oktoberfest. I wonder how many will be running?

This will be my third race out of six for the fall season. This is Terri’s first. She is going all out and dressing up for this. She has a German Girl dress to wear.