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Flash Aerohive AP

Connect the AP to a console cable. Plug AP into a PoE switch. On your laptop or PC, start the TFTP Server. Must be on the same subnet. I used Solarwinds TFTP Server. Hit the space bar to get into bootloader before the 4 seconds counting down is over. The password is “administrator” Set the […]

Chromebook NICs

I had a school call and say they had a HP Windows laptop sitting next to a HP Chromebook. The Chromebook was working fine at another school and all WLAN settings were exactly alike. Yet, when they moved the Chromebooks to another school they could only get 1 Mbps compared to the Windows laptop cranking […]

Aerohive Commands

The 5 commands to move an AP to a new HM You must SSH to the AP, then … Capwap client server name (Where XXX is the server number) Capwap client VHM-name┬áName_Of_VHM Save config No capwap client enable Capwap client enable reboot