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After wrestling with a crazy E-Mail server for three days and giving the knees a seven day rest, it’s time to hit the track. Enough of this thinking I should and just do it. Oops, wrong company. Anyway, Dr. Google says it is PatelloFemoral Syndrome. I think I’ll go ask a real Doctor soon. I’ll […]

Long Time, No Run

I’ve been battling achy knees for a while. I blame it on all those years of catching in both baseball and softball. But here I am trying to rest up since we have three races in less than two weeks. I’ll wait until the next round of rain passes and then just do a couple […]


My knee has been achy for a few days. I decided to go for a run this morning since it has been a while. That appears to have been a bad idea. After just 2 kilometers it began to ache more. Since the Franklin Race is coming up soon, I decided to stop and give […]

Running Gear

Wahoo App

Terri gets aggravated with me when we hit the track together. I haul all my electronics with me. I guess it is funny but I like to keep track of stuff. I carry my iPhone of course. I run an App called Wahoo Fitness. I bought a Fisica key so it can read my heart […]

Thursday 5K

So I get down to the Jerry Dixon Walking Trail for my morning run. I’m already jazzed for 5k. Which is odd for me to even think that on a Thursday. That’s usually my Friday thing. But I’m in “training” for the Franklin Classic on September 5th. Data from my run. I tend to run […]