Flash Aerohive AP

  1. Connect the AP to a console cable.
  2. Plug AP into a PoE switch.
  3. On your laptop or PC, start the TFTP Server. Must be on the same subnet. I used Solarwinds TFTP Server.
  4. Hit the space bar to get into bootloader before the 4 seconds counting down is over.

The password is “administrator

  1. Set the TFTP server IP using command “set_bootparam” you only need to set:

-the TFTP server IP (your laptop or PC)
-boot file location (C:/tftp-boot)
-other settings just press enter and jump.

The set_bootparam should look similar to this:

ar7240> set_bootparam
Change boot parameter, ENTER to skip the item
Device IP        : []
TFTP Server IP   : [] (this is the IP of your TFTP server)
VLAN ID          : [0]

NVLAN ID         : [0]
Boot File        : [] AP121-6.5r4.img.s (the name of the image you’re installing to AP)
Netboot after flashboot failed [1 for yes, 0 for no] : [0]

Netdump after crash [1 for yes, 0 for no]: [0]
Are you sure to save? [Y/N] y (make sure to answer ‘Y’)

  1. Then you can install the HiveOS image to the device flash, using command “image_flash“. It will try to get the OS from the TFTP server you set.
  2. After the loading and programming is done, use the command “reset” to reboot, your device should be able to start and you can login with the user “admin” and password “aerohive”.
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