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The Dangers of the “Guest” SSID

I have setup WiFi at schools, conferences and snooty shindigs where the goal was to make sure everyone had access to open, relatively fast, and secure Guest networks. And no, I did not use a Captive Portal. Firewall and VLANs yes, Captive Portal, no. The goal was to get the users on and out the […]

How Did That Happen?

I had a customer call and say the PoE board on a switch was down and that 7 APs were impacted. So I make the 2 hour drive to the customer’s site. These are good friends of mine so I don’t mind at all. Upon arrival I ask the usual questions… Storms? Surges? Reboot the […]

Chromebook NICs

I had a school call and say they had a HP Windows laptop sitting next to a HP Chromebook. The Chromebook was working fine at another school and all WLAN settings were exactly alike. Yet, when they moved the Chromebooks to another school they could only get 1 Mbps compared to the Windows laptop cranking […]

Aerohive Commands

The 5 commands to move an AP to a new HM You must SSH to the AP, then … Capwap client server name (Where XXX is the server number) Capwap client VHM-name┬áName_Of_VHM Save config No capwap client enable Capwap client enable reboot

MAC Filter in Aerohive

If you want to filter MAC addresses of clients that should not be on your network: Click Configuration Click Advanced Configuration Click Security Policies Click MAC Filters Click New Enter a Name Enter a Description Click the + Enter MAC Object Name Enter MAC Address in MAC Entry Enter Description Click Save Highlight new entry […]

Forcing an Extreme AP to the right controller

SSH and issue a cset authip 1 x.x.x.x capply csave Reboot Just wait for csave to give confirmation before reboot