Best Race Yet

The Halloween in the Gulch race was my best race yet. I had my best time, beating the old time by a few seconds. At the same time, it had the toughest climb of all the races. Just after we turned right on to Charlotte from 11th we had a four block climb from 10th to 6th Avenues. It was a 36 meter climb and it slowed a lot of folks down to a walk. My 2km split really suffered. I switched my watch over to distance on the the final KM and it really showed. Or I got really lazy. I’ll have to work hard on my 4th to 5th km.

Terri had been suffering from strained tendons in her foot. Even though she was hurting really bad she put up a good time. She finished 22 out of 45 with a time of 35:33. She really toughed it out but suffered a lot on Sunday.

The after race party was fun. We did bypass the pizza and go eat at Cantina Laredo. No doubt an upgrade to our dining that afternoon. You should really go to this place someday. Well worth the trip to the Gulch.

We’ll probably participate in this series more next year.

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