Chromebook NICs

I had a school call and say they had a HP Windows laptop sitting next to a HP Chromebook. The Chromebook was working fine at another school and all WLAN settings were exactly alike. Yet, when they moved the Chromebooks to another school they could only get 1 Mbps compared to the Windows laptop cranking 125 Mbps.

A quick check of the wall revealed a major dB loss. Also, some research showed the Chromebook only has a 5 GHz NIC. The Windows laptop also had a 2.4 GHz NIC. Adding an AP in the room resolved all issues.

Real world proof that a 5 GHz signal attenuates quickly and cannot penetrate walls as well as 2.4 GHz.

Aerohive Commands

The 5 commands to move an AP to a new HM

You must SSH to the AP, then …

Capwap client server name (Where XXX is the server number)

Capwap client VHM-name Name_Of_VHM

Save config

No capwap client enable

Capwap client enable


MAC Filter in Aerohive

If you want to filter MAC addresses of clients that should not be on your network:
Click Configuration
Click Advanced Configuration
Click Security Policies
Click MAC Filters
Click New
Enter a Name
Enter a Description
Click the +
Enter MAC Object Name
Enter MAC Address in MAC Entry
Enter Description
Click Save
Highlight new entry
Click Deny click Apply
Click Save

Add a new entry
Click MAC list
Click Add
Click the +
Enter a MAC Object Name
Enter a MAC Address in MAC Entry
Enter a Description
Click Save
Highlight new entry
Click Deny click Apply
Click Save

Apply the new filter
Click Configuration
Click Network Policy
Click SSID
Click DoS Prevention and Filters
Highlight Available MAC Filters
Move to the right
Leave Default Action at Permit

Forcing an Extreme AP to the right controller

SSH and issue a
cset authip 1 x.x.x.x

Just wait for csave to give confirmation before reboot