Fish Tacos

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Race #24, Purity Moosic City Dairy Dash

This is a VERY popular race. Flat, fast, great long sleeve tech shirt, ice cream, and chocolate milk! The starting line is in the Nashville MetroCenter area. Terri and I have run on the Music City Greenway and like it. With the race being in April, I’m sure we’ll sign up for a couple between now and then.

26.4.26 Run for Sandy Hook

On December 22, 2012, I participated in the 26.4.26 run. It was a benefit for the victim’s families of Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT. It was originally thought of by Robbie Bruce, of X3 Endurance. You should read his Facebook Note about the genesis of the run. Hunter Lane and Season Kaminski were his partners in crime for 26.4.26.

The simple breakdown of the run was this. Robbie originally wanted 26 of his racing friends to run 26 and donate a dollar per mile to the families. United Way in Connecticut would get the proceeds. This idea started as a text message to a friend. Someone set up an Event Page on Facebook.

Well, word got out what was happening. Others asked if they could join. I found out somehow and signed up. I originally committed to 6.5 miles as that was about my limit at the time. Remember, this was just about 3 or 4 days before the run. No training time for 13 miles.

When I first saw the page, there were about 50 signed up. Then suddenly it jumped to 100, then 250 and beyond. From what was just going to be a run around East Nashville was getting too large for the great neighborhood. At 500, Robbie and his crew decided to move to LP Field. The City of Nashville heard about it and helped Robbie get everything going. The last I saw on Facebook, there were over 900 signed up on Friday evening. I’ll let Robbie’s Note explain all the details of how it came together.

I stopped by Nashville Running Company on Friday to get my Angel. TV crews were on the way. The corner was buzzing with Robbie on the phone making sure everything was going as planned. I was the 18th person to pickup my Angel. Then a crazy idea hit me, go ahead and sign up for 13 miles. I upped my donation.

On Run Day, I still wasn’t sure how far to run. Play it by ear was all I thought. During the first loop I thought about my Angel, Jessica Rekos. Even though I was running in a pace group, I was alone in my thoughts. Thoughts about the 26 families that wished their child was with them.

I also thought about the students of our school system. I work for Hickman County Schools and spent Friday morning at one of our 3rd – 5th grade schools. I had to take a server back and to make sure it worked, I went in a classroom and hung out a while. It’s so hard to imagine that what happened at Sandy Hook could ever happen.

As I return on the first lap, I take a quick break. I notice that it looked like a lot of people were done after 6.5 miles. Then I heard one of the girls that works for I Run For The Party say, “this isn’t good.” I have no idea what she really meant, but I took it to mean that more should be running still. So I take off on my second lap.

All the pains and aches were happening as expected. Nothing out of the ordinary. I think I was able to keep my 9:00 pace going by thinking of Jessica and what they went through. Those adults that died did everything they could to save those children.

The amazing thing about finishing the 13.1 miles was something that wasn’t there. It was somber, quiet, no fanfare, no balloon arch, nothing. Just people standing around talking about what an amazing day it was and how proud everyone was to have helped in some small way.

This is one run I will never forget. I will never be as honored to have been a part of something as I was on December 22, 2012.

Important Links about the 26.4.26 Run. Not a race, but a run.

26.4.26 Official Facebook Page
Robbie Bruce’s 26.4.26 Note

26.4.26 Run Nashville (YouTube)
26.4.26 – We’re Nashville (Vimeo)

Race #20

The Grinder’s Switch Turkey Trot is one tough course. The first segment is all downhill. Of course this gives very fast paces. The next segment is very flat. And then…. the long uphill. Very tiring!

All in all, this race is well run and fun. Centerville is lucky to have such a race.


Race #19 – Breathe Deep Nashville

Tomorrow is the Breathe Deep Nashville 5K race at Centennial Park. It’ll be a flat course with only a little uphill when we turn on to 31st Avenue. I’ve gotten to a point where I really look forward to the races. Not that I’m fast or good, but it gets us away from the track that we run on every day. After a while, you just want to see other scenery!

Nashville Running Company

Nashville Running Company (Link to YouTube video) Several of the races have early packet pickup at this store in East Nashville’s 5 Points area. This is an awesome store with very knowledgeable people running it. While it isn’t as large as some of the chain stores we’ve been to, it has a higher quality selection. All of the stuff they sell is used or worn by their employees. My next shoes will come from there.

2012 Germantown 5k Race

Germantown 2012 TimeThis is the second time Terri and I have run this race. It has always been a fun race. It’s a tough course that has a couple of good climbs. The problem with these climbs, they are at the end of the race! Even with a really sore back, I managed to set a personal record in the 5K.



After wrestling with a crazy E-Mail server for three days and giving the knees a seven day rest, it’s time to hit the track. Enough of this thinking I should and just do it. Oops, wrong company.

Anyway, Dr. Google says it is PatelloFemoral Syndrome. I think I’ll go ask a real Doctor soon. I’ll put in some SuperFeet Green insoles and see what that does.

Long Time, No Run

I’ve been battling achy knees for a while. I blame it on all those years of catching in both baseball and softball. But here I am trying to rest up since we have three races in less than two weeks. I’ll wait until the next round of rain passes and then just do a couple of slow runs.

I’m going to give Glucosamine a try for a little while. Some studies say that over doing it can cause issues so I’ll take the recommended dosage and be done with it.

I am hoping between the rest and the new Mizuno Wave Rider 14’s, my knees will be back soon enough. Once the December 3rd race is over, I’ll have a couple of months of good rest. Maybe.

Kentucky Basketball

Thanks goodness they didn’t rank the ‘Cats number 1. Seems that every time they do, they get knocked off. Hiding out at #2 is a good spot. Let the Tar Heels be the target for a while.

On 11/11/11 they open at home against Marist. While they do have several coming back from last year, one other player caught my eye. Sam Malone! Not only does he have the name of one of my favorite TV characters, he’s from Massachusetts. Same as the fictional Sam Malone. I know, crazy reason to like a player but there it is.